Hurt Girl (xhurtxgirlx) wrote in hurtgirls,
Hurt Girl

..::a contest::..

okay, here's the deal.

i wanna increase community participation. plus, i know you guys are talented. i want you to be proud of your community!

so, i'm announcing


hurtgirls design contest

basically, all you have to do is make a really cool background image for this community. the rules are common sense stuff, like don't use someone else's photos without permission, no copywritten characters/band, book, tv show names or images, etc. basically, only use your own stuff, or someone else's who gives you permission. also, remember that triggering photos should NOT be included (basically anything that goes against the community rules).

you guys all have kick ass LJ icons, so don't tell me you aren't talented! bust out the photoshop and show me your mad skillz.

your image should ideally be 8.5" X 11" and either .gif or .tiff format.

contest will be open for one month, until april 10. after the deadline, i will post all the entries to be voted on by members. then, the winning image will be integrated into the new community design!

also, i will get a really cool prize for the winner. not sure what. but it will be cool. oh yeah.

so get to it.

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