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Okay. There was this guy who moved to our school around a month ago, and he got kicked out of his last school for getting into a fight and breaking the other guys nose and jaw. So he is going to court over it. His parol (sp?) came to school today and told him it's not going well and it looks like he is going to be in jail for 4 years. He goes to court tomorrow to see. I really really like him ,he is really nice and everything. And i dont want him to go to jail. Ive been crying about it since i got home from school! Life sucks.
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Hey cheer up...dry those tears and do something to pamper yourself and make you feel better.It might help! Hope things get better.
He didnt go to jail! Just got probation!!! Im so happy now!
That's awesome! Still pamper yourself though...just to make you feel good,Lol. :) I'm happy for you.