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I got so pissed today. There are these skanky girls in my calss that totally think they are popular and crap but they are the biggest losers. And well a few weeks ago we really started to get into it and we were going to end up getting into a fight but the principal made us all agree not to fight, so we didnt. Then today if FACS class i was going through one of the text books and it sid go to page like 463! or something like that...and so my friend was like okay...but before she turned the page i was like hey thats jennyffers handwriting and shes like o great (jennyffer is one of those girls we were gonna get into it with) and it had some pic of this girl and they drew hair all over it and it said my name above it...I was like O puhlease! *Even tho it is kind of funny since both of them are like really hairy...and its really gross!...and im* But it made me so mad. Ugh Then last night and the night before my mom was chewin my ass out for nothing...and i got pissed and i was also stressing about i got the scissors and cut my arm...ugh made me feel sooo much better.
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