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One of my friends just started cutting, just because some guy she met over the internet cuts, and she like thinks its the "punk" thing to do, because she is a prep who is trying to be a punk. And she was going on and on talking about it and she said she got soap on them in the shower and it burned and I said well duh thats why you dont get soap on them and then my other friend was like do you cut!? And I was like just shut up okay? and she kept going on and on. And my other friend thinks its so cool! I told her she was an idiot. Then, me and my mom were in wal-mart getting some paint, and she was like Omg! who scratched your arm!? And i was like uh I was fixing the computer and it got cut on the wood from the desk. And she goes thats kind of deep, and i was like yea stupid thing. I think she is suspecting something now. but too bad. And I kindof admitted ot my best friend that i cut, only i told him I did last year...and I dont any more...but he saw one of the cuts on my arm and was like Shame on you, so he isnt buying my story. Too bad.
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