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I just thought i'd tell you about something that happened today...
I told my boyfriend I cut,only because he did it the other day ( he never has,until the other day) and i found out about it.His life isn't good at home sometimes,his parents fight a lot.Well,anyways, I told him today,and he took it so much better than I expected.He is the only person,besides myself,that knows about this now.My mom almost caught me once,but she sort of just shrugged it off as if it was nothing.I trust him,and i confide everything in him.Well...that's the good thing.The other thing is my parents are going back to their old ways of nagging and yelling at me for everything i say and/or do.I hate this feeling.I really,really do.I mean...i try telling my mom one little thing and i'm told to shutup. ( Then, I get in trouble for "not talking to her".I mean...COME ON!)I guess my life doesn't even begin to compare with some of your situations,but these little things can set me off majorly.
Well,with all of that off my chest,I think i'll go relax and stay out of people's way.
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